Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a B Corp business Squeaky strive to be a force for good as a business, and as a B Corp we meet the highest standards of social and environment performance.

At Squeaky we take our Corporate and Social Responsibilities (CSR) very seriously so there are some businesses we just won’t work with. At Squeaky, we take it a step further, rather than just saying we won’t work with certain types of business, we actually put in our contractual agreements.

As such we require that our customers and suppliers are not an Unsuitable counterparty as defined below –

“Unsuitable Counterparty” means a person that:

(a) has substantial interests in the sale, distribution or manufacture of arms or pornography (for the purposes of this definition, the holding of less than 50% of the ordinary shares of a company does not amount to a "substantial interest");

(b) is (and/or has a holding company that is) proven by a Competent Authority to be currently involved in: (i) serious or systematic human rights violations, such as murder, torture, deprivation of liberty, forced labour, child labour and other child exploitation; or (ii) serious violations of individuals’ rights in situations of war or conflict);

(c) has one or more officers (and/or has a holding company with one or more officers) who are serving a prison sentence or have served a prison sentence during the 2 years preceding the time the test under this definition is applied (where, in either case, the prison sentence exceeds 6 months in duration). For the avoidance of doubt, this definition is only concerned with persons who are officers at the time of the test (not former officers). In assessing whether a prison sentence has been served during the preceding 2 years, or the length of a prison sentence, any period of probation associated with a prison sentence shall be included; and/or

(d) is not a counterparty with which Squeaky Clean Energy can lawfully contract in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering Legislation, including where that person has not provided any customer due diligence information that Squeaky Clean Energy is obliged to obtain pursuant to such legislation,

and in this definition "officer" and "holding company" shall have the meanings given to those expressions in the Companies Act 2006.

In addition, we will not supply any organisations that work in the following sectors.

Production of coal or coal-based energy Production of Antipersonnel landmines Production of cluster munitions Production of nuclear weapons Production of tobacco Animal Testing Facilities

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