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Come rain or shine
How Squeaky Works

You’ll always have electricity, come rain or shine

If your chosen regional generator is not generating for any reason – no wind, for instance – then we will source electricity from another clean energy generator in our portfolio.

9th July
Squeaky simple product
How Squeaky Works

We have one simple product, with ‘live’ quotes

We provide you with one competitive quote taking the pain of deciphering your energy spending. Our quote tool generates a "live" offer bespoke to your business in a few minutes.

9th June
Save money
How Squeaky Works

Clean energy doesn’t have to cost more

Renewables did cost more in the early days, but the price of clean energy has been falling for years, so there's absolutely no justification for charging a premium, as many suppliers do.

9th June
Wind Turbines
How Squeaky Works

Our energy is 100% clean (not just renewable)

Our electricity is a 100 percent, 360-degree, spotless, speckless, smearless kind of clean. It is generated using wind, sun and hydro only.

9th June

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