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Squeaky clean electricity supply for your business

Five reasons to switch to Squeaky

Know exactly what you're buying

Squeaky is a new kind of energy supplier. All of our electricity is 100% clean and fully traceable right to source. So, you’ll never be caught out by not knowing the origins of your energy.

Even better than renewable

Other suppliers hide dirty energy like biomass and nuclear in their renewable tariffs, or just buy REGOs. Squeaky supplies only clean energy sourced directly from UK wind, solar and hydro generators.

A range of supply options

Squeaky offers 1 to 10 year fixed and flexible supply contracts so you can manage your energy price risk in a way that suits you. From fixed price through to pass-through contracts, we can meet your buying objectives.

Accessible PPAs

Squeaky’s PPAs are smaller, shorter-term and more standard, allowing any business or public sector body to hedge their price risk over a longer term and support their CSR initiatives.

Squeaky is a B Corp

Squeaky is the only Industrial and Commercial electricity supplier with B-Corp status, the new standard in corporate social responsibility and effectively the Fairtrade mark for businesses.

We’re financially sustainable too

All of our supply deals are guaranteed by our trading agent who has one of strongest balance sheets in Europe. This means customers can leverage their trading capabilities, but benefit from the innovation, and customised service from a boutique provider.

Corporate PPAs

Squeaky PPAs are smaller, shorter term and more standard, allowing any corporate to hedge their price risk