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How Squeaky Works Our energy is 100% clean (not just renewable) 9th June

Energy companies often promote their renewable tariffs under an eco-friendly banner. Terms like Renewable, Green, and Low Carbon are used seemingly interchangeably alongside colourful graphics representing solar, wind or hydro generation.

The reality though is that these products often incorporate energy from ‘dirty’ sources. For example:

  • Biomass, which typically means burning imported wood pellets, as highlighted in a recent Channel 4 documentary
  • Incinerating household or farm waste
  • Energy imported from other parts of Europe, (where the definition of renewable energy includes methane gas from rotting rubbish)

Widely encouraged and subsidised by European Governments (including ours), burning biomass for energy has become very popular. This is despite a multitude of studies and experts claiming these practices are even more environmentally damaging than burning coal. That is not to mention the deforestation required to produce the pellets, or the oil-fuelled ships used to get them here…

Squeaky's energy is only derived from natural, non-polluting, UK resources that are capable of being replenished in a short time scale, such as wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal and hydropower.

Go one better than renewable, go clean!


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