Clean energy doesn’t have to cost more.

So much of what people think they know about renewable energy is based on outdated information.

Old assumptions die hard. It is a difficult-to-shake myth that clean energy is more expensive than fossil fuel-fired dirty energy. But it is just that, a myth. There is no reason that clean energy should cost more than dirty energy. Why should it? For a start there are no input costs, no one has to pay the wind to blow or the sun to shine.

However, it is true that back in the early days of renewable energy production, prices were higher, mainly because of the costs of building the generators themselves. But the reality is the price of renewable energy has been falling for years [1]. The technology is established and it is no longer a niche activity. There is absolutely no justification for charging a premium for clean energy, as many suppliers do - we will never do this.

Renewable technology is established and it is no longer a niche activity

As its popularity rises and more people buy clean energy, more infrastructure will get built, ultimately bringing the price down further. It’s also worth noting that renewable energy is not subject to the same price fluctuations that affect the wholesale market for dirty energy.

One further reason Squeaky is able to offer clean energy at such competitive prices – we’ll never be more expensive than dirty energy – is that, yes, Squeaky is an energy supplier but not in the way the Big 6 are energy suppliers. It would be more accurate to call us a platform. We provide a way to link one type of growing business (energy buyers) with another type of growing business (renewable energy generators). It’s a peer-to-peer arrangement that we facilitate and underpin by providing both parties with safeguards.

What Squeaky customers are actually doing is going straight to the source, cutting out the middleman. The Squeaky platform allows energy buyers to effectively buy at wholesale prices directly from generators rather than at retail prices from a big brand name energy company, often with the added cost of a broker. We just provide the framework to make the process safe and easy for everyone – buyers and generators alike.

We are a technology company, with a low cost base and that gives us an advantage over the Big 6. We do not have to drag around antiquated legacy systems, bloated costs or inflated executive salaries. At Squeaky, we’re not forced to carry those burdens, we can be nimble, responsive and transparent.


[1] Falling prices article by IRENA Director General